Ben Shapiro vs. Imaginary Obama Explains the Republican Party
Nicholas Grossman

Shapiro does plenty of debate formats with people he doesn’t agree with and plenty of open dialogoues/discussions too. This was neither and was not designed to be either. This was Shapiro intentionally speaking to the choir. So you are taking him to task for following the format that he intended by design to follow and that almost every other political figure on either side of the aisle indulges in at least occassionaly. At least Shapiro also does other formats. For most political commentators preaching to the choir is the only thing they ever do.

I didn’t listen to this particular speech by Shapiro or Obama’s original speech so it’s a little bit unfair of me to comment, but as a proud part of the choir you are referring to…. yes most of the points you quote Shapiro on Obama resonate as flaws/failings about Obama.

In terms of misrepresenting Obama, again this could be unfair as I didn’t hear Obama’s speech but I’ve noted that Obama has a tendency in his speechs of saying “I’m not saying X” and then turn around and spending most of his time saying X. Perhaps Shapiro was just pointing out (I would argue with justification) that Obama was a very large part of the problem that Obama was complaining about….and not admitting it?

Yes, Obama didn’t govern as Karl Marx…… Karl Marx couldn’t have gotten elected. However, Obama was one of the most Left Leaning POTUS we’ve ever had, with the possible exception of FDR during the New Deal…. so I don’t see how you can call foul for people giving Obama flack about being Left Leaning.

If you look at Trumps actual policies (as opposed to his rhetoric) most them aren’t that insanely far to the right either….. are you saying it’s unfair to give Trump flack for being too extreme?