with Ben Sixsmith

Over at Letters, a new long-form social media site organized around correspondence, I am discussing with Ben Sixsmith why he is a conservative and I am not in this exchange of letters. Ben is a columnist at Arc Digital and occasional writer for the Catholic Herald, The American Conservative, and Quillette, and is the author of Kings and Comedians: A Brief History of British-Polish Relations. He’s one of the most insightful young conservative writers on the scene today, and I highly encourage readers to follow the exchange.

What’s the relationship between the two?

Pope St. Leo III crowns Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor on Christmas Day, 800 AD. Circa 14th century.

I recently read an essay in the Front Porch Republic — a relatively obscure but often fascinating paleoconservative magazine — discussing the question of why there aren’t more conservative anarchists. The author, Alexander Salter, says:

The definition of anarchy I use here is systematic opposition to the modern state. “State” is also difficult to define, but a modification of Weber’s conception — the state is the organization that possesses a monopoly on the creation and enforcement of social rules — strikes a good balance between breadth and precision.

I would encourage you to read the entire article for yourself —…

Why Americans need to let go of their obsession with keeping their employers’ coverage


After decades of widespread acceptance in the public square, the “government is evil” Reagan-esque hegemony has begun to find itself in retreat in the battle of public opinion. Time was when the threat of being tarred red could cow legislators from pursuing anything more than incremental, “market-oriented” reforms in healthcare. But the winds of change have been blowing across Capitol Hill, and the establishment has begun to find that the mere invocation of “socialism,” like an exorcist muttering Latin imprecations, can no longer be counted on to quell public outrage over the exploding costs of healthcare. The unexpected backlash against…

Spencer Hall

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