An Alien Batsignal

The news about the Russians hearing a signal from HD164595 has really captured my imagination. I mean, if we receive another transmission and confirm that it’s an artificial signal, it would be the greatest discovery in human history. It would fundamentally change how we view the universe completely.

Now, sadly the Russians were real weird about keeping the signal a secret. We’re only finding out about it a year later after it was mentioned at a conference. No other telescopes were asked to check out HD164595 and confirm the discovery. Also, we can’t rule out the possibility that the signal comes from a quasar, celestial phenomena, or something made by us hü-mans. It quite possibly could be nothing.

But I love this stuff. I love thinking about alien civilizations and wanted to do some speculation for if this signal turns out, in fact, to be real.

If they are a Type I Kardashev civilization like ourselves, I think it’s possible that 95 years ago (as they are 95 lightyears away) they saw lil’ old Earth of 1825 and witnessed the changes in our atmosphere caused by the Industrial Revolution (using the same analysis that allows us to determine the atmospheric composition of distant planets). Thrilled at the prospect of discovering an alien species, they sent a signal to Earth saying, “Yo. What up? Welcome to the galaxy.”

Of course it’s all speculation, but, man, it would be incredible to find out it’s true. To finally have proof that we aren’t alone in the universe. More than that, that there are other intelligent creatures out there! Oh. It would be so beautiful. And just imagine how much we could learn from them. 95 light years may be a long way to send an email, but not impossible. Don’t stop dreaming, because when you do, you deny the impossible from becoming reality.

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