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At Digital Frontiers we all have our favourite languages. The other day we were arguing about the advantages and shortcomings of some specific ones and decided to have a closer look at them, using a sudoku verifier as a common example. Today, let’s talk about: (you guessed it) C!

The dreadful C language you want nowhere near you

C language? “Oh no, thank you!”. Either you learned C ages ago and want to forget it or you have never learned the language but heard it’s awfully complicated and ugly. Chances are, in fact, it’s almost certain, you will never use C in your career.

So why continue to read? It’s already a weird coincidence that you stumbled upon the post, so what can keep you from moving on to something more up to date, fancier, even more useful? …

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No, the client will not pay for code reviews!

You have worked for many years for companies that did not believe in code reviews. Even though your company introduced some kind of SCRUM (because everybody does and “we want to be agile now”), code reviews were basically ignored. Nothing was enforced, hardly anything was checked. The faster, the better. Your product manager would ask you: “how much time do you need to implement the feature?” then multiply it by 1.5 and pass the estimation over to the customer. …

Konrad Banys

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