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The question I hope the show runners answer, above all the coincidental micro-mysterious, is “why does it matter that two timelines exist” without cementing their response in dollar store philosophy. Is it the frailty of memory? An attempt to recreate emotional traumas within machines as a test, then focus more so on how it relates to the “humans”?

I’ve watched the entire season thus far, and it’s basically falling flat because it doesn’t do enough to solidify its main characters as more than foils for one another. Or provide enough development for me to really believe that Tech Guy 1 would betray Paranoid Tech Guy 2 by rebooting Maeve without his knowledge. Just because he’s more compassionate? About her plight? That he helped create by increasing her brain power despite company protocol?

The show would be far more fascinating if it really focused on character flaws rather than view them as templates. Spending more time with all of the characters backstories, then trying to intentionally misdirect its audience with time-jumps.

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