Don’t waste time looking for an investment when you still don’t have traction.

If your team has already launched an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), they should only do two things: (1) focus on product adjustments with market-validated learning and (2) get your customers to find you, buy and recommend your product. Doing the latter persistently and sometimes explosively is what we call traction. An investor looks for this characteristic in businesses he participates.

Traction in a startup is the quantitative evidence that there is growing demand for your product. …

On December 9th, in the afternoon, the day began. We had arrived only a couple of hours ago at Silicon Valley (SV) and we were already at the University of San José meeting Sergio Ortiz, an academic at Tecnológico de Monterrey, who is in the valley completing a doctoral degree in entrepreneurship. In his words, entrepreneurship is the viability of a country, it is the way to generate economic progress and social development. …

Sara Aragon

Coordinator of Business Department in Orion Technology Park that includes startups incubation, business acceleration and mentoring network.

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