To do’s for yourself.

We often live our lives to impress others and to match people’s expectations. In this race of living our lives on standards set by people we generally forget to give importance to our own selves.

Here I am sharing few habits that one should start doing right now for their own betterment.

1- Stop complaining and be grateful for whatever you have. May be your something is everything for others.

2- Be good to all and help people whenever you get a chance. Because what goes comes back to you.

3- Spend time with positive people, they influence you in a positive way.

4- Keep yourself happy. You don’t need to please all.

5- Live life of your choice and enjoy every moment of life. Keep no regrets.

6- Give a chance to yourself.. Don’t doubt your own abilities. Let yourself grow.

7- Never be jealous from people’s success. Be happy with their growth and learn from their success.

8- Forgive yourself for your past, don’t carry your past mistakes in your future. They will only become hurdles in your growth.

9- Don’t hide your feelings. Expressing your emotions doesn’t make you weak infront of people. Infact showing your feelings make you strong.

10- Work everyday to make yourself a better person than yesterday. Face new challenges of life with courage.

Yes, I myself have started implementing this to do’s in my life. As there’s no point to regret when you have nothing left. So stop worrying and start living each moment of your life!!