What do I have to lose?

Last week #RealDonaldTrump asked African Americans to vote for him saying: What do you have to loose? I want to let him know what I have to loose.

First, I will lose what all Americans will lose — respect. As I talk with people around the world they just shake their heads in amazement that Donald Trump has become a presidential nominee.

Second, I will lose as will all Americans, safety. Donald Trump is clearly not qualified to lead this country internationally. He clearly has no concept of the role the President has in the interaction of the USA with other nations.

Third, I will lose economic security, as will all Americans. Donald Trump has run failed companies and the money he has made comes from selling his name and reality TV.

Fourth, I will lose my rights to speak my mind and protest if necessary, as will all Americans. Donald Trump has made it very clear that he does not support the rights of Americans to express opinions. He has even encouraged violence against those who do. He does not respect the press. Again suggesting that violence may be appropriate when they simply do their job.

Fifth, I will lose my freedom, as will all Americans. Donald Trump has said that he does not have time for “political correctness”. For him it is easier to accept the support of white supremacist. It is easier to ban Muslims. It is easier to call Mexicans rapists.

In the end what I will lose as an African American all Americans will lose if Donald Trump becomes President of the United States of American.

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