How Facebook is slowly eating the rest of the Internet
Washington Post

What’s the average time spent on FB per day? Something like 50 minutes, right? We used to complain that people spent inordinate amounts of time (per day) watching TV. In many respects, FB and other ‘attention-driven’ products/companies (those driven by ad revenue) are no different than other, older ad-driven media, like TV.

I don’t “blame” FB for gobbling up the promise of the Internet. I lay that responsbility at the feet of the vast majority of people who’d basically rather eat a Snickers bar than a couple of carrots or a handfule of bean sprouts to satisfy their hunger.

What I would chastise FB, along with other attention-driven companies, for is being less than open about their motives. More and more, I see products from FB, Google and others that purport to be in the interests of their customers but are nothing but self-serving. FB has chatbots, a pathetic UI experience designed to keep users in Messenger. And, today, Google announced Spaces, seemingly designed to ensnare users within Googles realm of services.

Course, it can be said that fault lies with those who buy the lies. Fair enough. But I, for one, won’t exculpate a person, product or company that lies to serve its own ends. That’s simply not right and I won’t support that with my money or my attention.