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CJ kept playing dodge-and-weave with people who asked her to retract her praise for people like Cernovich. Since she refuses, she deserves to be painted with that brush. Anytime she wants, she can change that. But I’ll wager she won’t. She’s letting her wounded ego drive her and not thinking things through. I don’t look to people like that for leadership or advice. If that makes me a “dis-uniter” or whatever, I’ll live with it. I don’t want Alt. Right “allies” in my midst. I don’t trust them.

I also don’t live in any echo chamber regarding the existence of either rape apologists or White Supremacists. I’m part of two groups they target. I’ve never had that ability.

It’s one thing to hold bigoted beliefs. (All of us have to fight than tendency in ourselves, and own up when we can’t do so successfully.) It’s another to trade on them, propagate them deliberately, and use them to make a quick buck.