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I agree with them. Get out of the Democratic Party. There are other parties on the Left, not just my own, which need more energy, more time, and more dollars.

Neoliberals who tell you to leave only do so because they know odds are slim that you actually will. My understanding is that the majority of Sanders supporters did indeed “come home” to HRC at the end. As he wanted them to. As it was expected would happen.

But “coming home” didn’t do anything but further fuel the Neoliberal sense of entitlement. It didn’t prevent Trump’s win, since this is an electoral-based system. It certainly didn’t instill the Dem. leadership with gratitude, and it never will. They’re not capable of that.

Every single election boils down to a game of chicken between Neoliberals and the Left, and the former wins every single time. Even when they can’t actually get their candidate over. There’s no reforming the Democratic Party because these people will never be induced to let it go. They pour a major portion of their time and energy into muzzling and starving other Leftist venues because they can. We’re tiny, so it’s easy for them. As they do so, they continue on with their decades-long mindgames of gloating that they don’t need our help, while simultaneously using us for their scapegoats when things don’t go their way.

A mass exodus could change that, but limiting strategy to yet another round of Taking The Party Back never will.

The Democratic Party is not worth any decent person’s time, money, or energy. Leave it.