I agree. In fact, it’s almost the exact same tactic as Trump and his supporters: fear.
Jameson James

I agree with you in part. People are motivated by fear. But more and more I think a lot of people like Sasha really *do* like and admire what HRC stands for. Their howling about the environment, civil rights, et al. is just a b.s. smokescreen. In truth, they love the U.S. as strutting global bad-ass spreading “free market” values everywhere and being the last word on who lives and who dies. Their objections to Trump are all about branding. The “woman warrior” in pantsuits is just cooler to them than some boorish boy reality star with bad hair could ever be. That’s the message most of them are getting from their own consciences.

I actually *have* had a commenter or two wave away any talk of HRC’s corruption and bad decisions with something like, “Well, the world is a scary place and she’s doing her best.” They want a Mommy to save them and keep America “already great,” just like Trump’s fans want a Daddy to make it “great again.”

Whatever. I’m still not voting HRC or Trump. I’m also not counting on people like Sasha to lift a finger to better this country post-election. This insulting drivel she turns out bi-weekly tells me all I need to know about what kind of help she’ll be as the *real* fight continues. :/

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