I understand.
Catherine Noujaim

I doubt that, personally. How has exactly has Sanders’ campaign motivated her to move left in any way? She’s continued to insult and berate most of his fans. She’s cuddling up to monsters like Kissinger, and she nominated a Union-hating a-hole with dubious opinions on choice to be her Veep.

HRC and her staunchest fans are forever using “Or else” language to get the rest of us playing along. It never occurs to them that what they’re offering is inadequate. Actually I’d got further than that. I agree with those who think HRC is playing “chicken” with the Left: daring us to *not* turn back from a collision at the last possible moment. Because she’s already made it clear that she’s got no problem with deliberately antagonizing us. Though we get blamed time and time again for Dem. setbacks, the leadership still refuses to cater to us in any way. Her fans reinforce this behavior, as they rarely call her out, warn her of the damage she’s doing, or otherwise take our issues directly to her. No, it’s always on us to turn away, to blink, to do right while she and her ilk keep on doing wrong.

It’s always worked for the other Neolibs, but maybe this time it won’t.