Spot on, though what you’re looking for is some sorta accountability.
Mateo D

I gathered what G.S. was saying was that Neoliberals like HRC and Obama created, with their own hands, the conditions which made Trump’s rise possible. (But if I’m wrong, he’s welcome to come back and clarify. I’d honestly be disappointed if after the really thought-provoking meat of this column, he was deep down just another Left-puncher. We’ll see.)

Do you even see the irony of sneering at Lefties who complain the Big Two are too similar, while in the next breath, you seem to claim that anyone who dislikes HRC must be, in some way or form, a Trump supporter? As if those are the only two thoughts a human being might hold in their head, but never at the same time. The ultimate “Progressive Trump supporter” was in fact, HRC herself.

In fact, HRC deliberately elevated Trump as a “Pied Piper,” hoping to stampede and panic enough of the base to carry her to victory. Instead, a tiny sliver of us went off-road, as we were likely to do anyway. Dems don’t own us, no matter how many times they claim to in their foot-stamping tantrums when don’t get their way. A much larger group of citizens didn’t vote. Some skipped the whole thing out of disgust, or feelings of helplessness. Some didn’t vote because they couldn’t. For decades, we’ve known of voter suppression and for decades Dem leaders haven’t seemed terribly interested in doing anything about that. In fact, the same dirty tricks GOPers play on them, Dems turn around and play on 3rd Parties. Dems are themselves fans of suppression, if they can make it work for them.

But hey, why try to solve a serious problem when you can just scapegoat the lowest group in the food chain, right?