Can you say M-I-S-O-G-Y-N-Y? I thought you could.
Perry Logan

Yeah, keep saying that if it makes you feel better.

McEwan and her ilk said ugly, distorted garbage about Dr. Jill Stein when they didn’t outright ignore her. In the election’s aftermath, they couldn’t wait to scapegoat her and smear her more, despite the fact that she netted not one single electoral vote. (Gee, Dems. blaming Leftists for their own lousy campaigns and awful policy… what a big surprise.) Three other Lefty women were in the race if you count V.P. Soc. candidate Angela Walker. I bet McEwan never bothered to learn their names.

I bet she doesn’t know of Seattle Socialist Council member Kshama Sawant (who spearheaded the drive for $15/hr before Dems. scooped the issue up for themselves. Well, HRC didn’t. But some Dems. did, without crediting Sawant and the Socialists, of course). Or Gayle McLaughlin, who was Green Mayor of Richmond, CA until she was termed out. (McLaughlin still sits on their City Board, BTW.)

I bet nowhere in the tedious bilge punctuated by vulgar money-grubbing that McEwan calls her “feminist” blog is there one word about Dr. Margaret Flowers, who was a Green candidate for the Senate in Maryland. Flowers’ male rival (a Dem) refused to debate her. McEwan didn’t care, of course. If she ever knew.

Cheri Honkala ran for local office in McEwan’s own hometown just recently, as a Green. She was hit with election misconduct by Dems. and is now challenging them in court. Radio silence from McEwan, because whining nonstop about HRC and barely even managing to distinguish her own life from her idols is just too damn important, isn’t it? LOL. “Resistance.”

LOL. “Feminism.”

McEwan respects and cares for women so much that anyone who tried to bring any of this up in here “feminist safe space” would’ve been banned on the spot, probably. I’m sure she’ll block me shortly like the pathetic coward she is, so I’ve gotta’ make hay here while the sun shines. :D

In short, it’s not feminism when you spend all your time babbling about “likeability” while despising or shunning any woman who dares to run on the Democrats’ Left. The End.

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