photo by Arenamontanus

massless particles

  • What are the [electro]magnetic effects of the solar system on the earth?
  • What are the [electro]magnetic effects of the solar system on the earth’s biological entities?
  • What if the solar system’s motion interacts with the magnetics of the celestial body of the earth AND with the biology on earth. I’m wondering about the [electro]magnetic effects of the solar system as a cohesive unit rather than isolating the effects of the moon.
  • What if antigravity is really the search for how to create a condition without mass?
  • What if the energy of the mass-less object is zero? (An object without mass?)
  • What if the object without mass creates its own energy influences on whatever is in its sphere of influence via electromagnetic DNA strands that provide magnetic input to each cell?
  • What if the time reference to the massless object is different (and faster) than earth Time physics?
  • What if only one side of the object is massless? What if it is the side having direct interaction with gravity as it enters or leaves earth’s atmosphere and is repelling gravity?
  • pondering negative mass, negative energy and gravity that is reversed
  • What effect does the absence of mass, energy and gravity have on the light surrounding an object?
  • What if scientists revisited and explored the natural dipole balance of the organs of the human body again?
  • looking at all of the phenomena regardless of how bizarre it appears to be and searching for a consistent correlation within the phenomena
  • remaining open to all possibilities rather than discarding the unusual in favor of scientific theories that are acceptable by some of today’s science communities