The San Diego Electrical Professionals Society (SDEPS) is encouraging homeowners to get to know their electric meters more to take advantage of its many benefits. The SDEPS says much can be learned about a household’s energy use and habits with the smart meters, and this data is very important for each home.

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The San Diego Electrical Professionals Association encourages homeowners to learn to read their electric meters, and take advantage of its features. (Photo Credits)

SDEPS president John Lucas says for homes who are trying to bring down their utility bills, the information that can be provided by the Smart Meters can help them be aware of which areas do they spend the most, and what they can do about it. “They can trace which appliance they use the most and how much that appliance contributes to their monthly bills. If that appliance is old and due for upgrade, but the homeowner is thinking twice whether to spend for that upgrade immediately, the data from the Smart Meter can at least help them decide if the purchase can still wait or if they badly need an energy efficient fixture ASAP,” Lucas explains.


San Diego Electrical Professionals Society

An organization for contractors, manufacturers, distributors, and other companies dedicated to enhancing the quality of the electrical services.

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