Weekly reads 2016–05–30

Smart contracts is one of most promising applications of the blockchain technology, and it looks like they go on trial on a few days, the first-of-its-kind tech mock trial to be held at the European Parliament. Would they made notaries obsolete? Or as some people say — Smart contracts: The good, the bad and the lazy — running code in private blockchains is a bad idea

If you need multi-protocol (http, https, tcp, smtp) test doubles over the wire you could always try Mountebank.

It looks like people are using the word Saga when referring to Process Managers, Clarifying the Saga pattern. Microsoft — yes, Microsoft — has also a long and interesting article that talks about Sagas, CQRS Journey, patterns & practices.

A deep learning AI “autoencodes” Blade Runner so faithfully it gets a takedown notice, really amazing how it’s interfering the film with just two hundred variables.

A long article at Techcrunch on the impact VR is having on both filmmakers and audience

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