iOS + Swift 1.2 + 1.7.2 / Tutorial — Users Sign Up, Sign In and securing data (Part 3/3)
Bizzi Bradbury

Hey man! great tutorial!! thanks! i have a quick question though….Im currently running into a problem with users having access to objects of another user in my app. I know how to set the ACL when a user creates an object when they are already logged into the app, but I don’t know how to set the ACL for someone signing up. When i set a navigation title to display the [“BusinessName”] column of a user, I receive business names from another created users column….thanks for your help!! greatly appreciated!

func signup () {

var newUser = PFUser()

newUser.username = username

newUser.password = password = email

newUser[“FirstName”] = firstName

newUser[“LastName”] = lastName

newUser[“BusinessName”] = businessName

newUser[“City”] = city

newUser[“State”] = state

// these arent seeming to work
newUser.ACL = PFACL(user: PFUser.currentUser()!)
// or this
newUser.ACL = PFACL(user: PFUser())

newUser.signUpInBackgroundWithBlock({ (succeed, error) -> Void in