Someone WORTH IT #Halalan2016

Many are running for president now especially here in the Philippines. Seems like they are aiming for the World Guinness Book of Record for the title ‘Many candidates for President’. No doubts, they can make it.

But the thing is, who cares if there are many candidates for President? The citizens of this country don’t need that. All they need was a president who can stand to help this country from poverty. A president who will make this country a place worth living. However, having many candidates for president is useless if all those candidates were not worth to lead this country.

The citizens are longing for a president whose aiming for the betterment of this country; not for the betterment of his own. This country need a selfless president; not a selfish one.

Someone who’ll discipline the bad doings of the citizens; not tolerating them.

The development of a country must start from its leader and next to its citizens. But how if the leader wants nothing but wealth for his own?

You must choose wisely. Someone WORTH IT. Don’t be attracted on their sugar-coatings. In just a mistake, many can be affected. Bayan o Sarili?