I am a JavaScript developer who is been using Windows, Linux or iOS over the 15 years. This is what I think.

Let’s get one thing straight. I have 1PC, 1 MBP, and 1 laptop. I run Windows, iOS and linux on each computer.
Specs ? not going to really bother you with this. I6 CPU (this is a bit of a joke, it’s an amd 6350 with 6 cores that runs at 3.9 ghz), a mbp 2015 (i5) and a i7 laptop. All of them got SSD’s and 8GB ram. So, the performance is not quite an issue.

What I do? Development and blogging. Why do I need so much performance? Honestly, I don’t really. Everything runs quite smoothly. But I am a geek.

Why do I use all 3 big OS’s? Well, I’m a geek. That’s why. What’s the advantage for each os in development? Pretty much, there isn’t one. You get used to the graphical enviroment, then you just have to make sure that it keeps running smoothly.

Each system is very different. Each system is quite similar to each other. Let’s break it down.

I use Google Chrome (syncs all my browsing data, bookmarks and password. Great so far).
I use Skype (on linux, you have skype alpha, it’s quite cool).
I use Spotify (same on all 3 systems).
I use Sublime (same on all 3 systems)
I use terminal (quite the same on all 3 systems)
I use workbench ( — || — )
I use thunderbird (or Earlybird, depends on my mood, but — || — )

This is pretty much everything I use. So, the apps are quite the same. Why do I use all 3 of them, and what’s the difference?

So. Linux. Mac. Windows. They’re all super duper friendly in 2017. You can’t just dislike one.

Let’s start with my favourite. iOS. I’ve been using this os for about 4 years now.

My first impression and thought was, “Why the heck they didn’t made a ‘cut’ option”. This is something that I was using. Later, I learned that there’s a shortcut for that as well. Just that it’s not CTRL + X. it’s Command+Option+V pastes the documents into the new desired location on the Mac, cutting it from the prior locating and moving it to the new location. Cool.
This OS, is quite simple, and the most pleasant fact is that it looks smooth. Edged. Beautified. Intuitive. Cool. Currently I use Sierra 10.12.5. It’s amazingly stable, and beautiful.

Linux. First time I used linux, was a distro called Mandrake linux. Later derived into Mandriva. It was one of the latest versions, somewhere around 2005. I didn’t had internet at that time. Therefore no codecs, no updates, nothing. Was quite useless for me. Later I discovered ubuntu, got a internet connection. I discovered workspaces. Then, there was love. This was the most useful feature that an OS could have for me, at that time. This is why I kept using it. Currently I use Ubuntu 17.04. It’s free, and blazing fast.

Windows. Well this was my first OS, I started using this OS since 3.1 version. They just launched windows 95 at that time. Or 98. My computer was not able to run windows 98 smoothly. It sucked. But you could get what you had to do, done. There were games. There were audio codecs and BSPlayer and Winamp. Cool times. Didn’t impressed me much at that time. But, since linux wasn’t really an option, and I didn’t had money for a mac… this was the best option (hackintosh was not really an option tho’ at that time). Currently I use Windows 10 (with licence), and it got a beautiful UI and a beautiful UX.

So. 15 years later. Developer. Why do I use all 3, now?

Well, believe it or not, I use windows OS X and Linux for entertainment(please, read movies here) and development. They all incredibly robust. They’re all stable. They’re all blazing fast. All of them are secure. All of them got my app requirements.

Right now. What’s the biggest difference, for me, between all 3 systems? Simple. Different UI(user interface). Different UX(User Experience).

Honestly, it does not really make any difference for me, on which system I am using. Most of the time, at work I use iOS’s Sierra 10.12.5 connected through ssh to my Ubuntu machine. Most of my work is on the ubuntu system through the Sierra’s terminal. Why I do this? Simple. All the development, is being deployed on the Ubuntu machine. Most of the things that the Ubuntu machine is doing, is compiling with babel (es2016).

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Originally published here: https://thisqa.com/2017/06/15/ive-used-macs-os-x-windows-and-linux-over-the-15-years-here-are-my-thoughts/

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