Losinging something is better.

Last year was hard for many peoples or i can say it was full of bad surprises but these surprises was coming with an message,each message can change a lots of stuff.

Last year in the beginning, i was depressed because of my father’s health issues and my whole was struggling for him except me because i was not old enough for anything, That was my thinking but when situation get out of hands , i had to get into work and i do what i can , i was not making much moves but it is better moving than standing still.

In the middle of 2k17 , i got compartment in 2 exams because of above reason but that was a lie because it is not tbe work that fails me it is the undestanding that fails and it was lucky ,before exam i didn’t read because my teachers were explaining me right but i had got no interest in them because i had got skills but they says i can’t do any thing with them but i know they worth something so i stopped studying and started enhancing my skills.

My failure also embarrassed me in front of many peoples and was also was not able to face people but i was working on my interest at home because of family support.

And now in the end i have fixed my failure and got 65% because i am not not good student but the best part is i have improved a lot in my skills and now i am working with my team on an project and it is out of the box for me. I have an startup and it is about to launch this month.

Os the thing is every failure have got an message and last year is failure but i had learned a lot and expect for success

My message by 2k17-

Work on sumething that you understand better to avoid failure.

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