A multi-passionate in the modern world

Photo by Kalen Emsley

An overwhelming feeling of ‘I don’t belong here’ washed over me as I walk into the room. I’m on a networkin event to see if I can make some good connections and get my business known. Yet I stand in the middle of guys in suits, feeling like a little girl who walked into a room full of grownups: I don’t belong here.

Ever since decided I was an entrepreneur and my future was in running my own business I have felt out of place. And even before that. I never felt like I belonged in an office of company environment. I am the odd one out, the one that raises eyebrows and the one that wears T-shirts that reference books and movies.

Yet, I love running a business. I’m smart, passionate and well, I want to do it all. It took me a long time to figure out that I am a multi-passionate. Not a flimsy girl that never finishes anything.

Never finishing anything

A few years ago there was a fun app that you could post on social media and people could give you anonymously feedback. There was one line of feedback I’ll never forget ‘She has a lot of ideas, but she never finishes anything’.

That bothered me. Because it was true. But why was it try? Was I really that flimsy? I dove into a mission to finish things. That never worked out.

The truth is I get bored really easily. I have to be really passionate about something to make it across the finish line. But if I find that one thing I am a force to reckoned with.

But here’s the catch. As a multi-passionate I love eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeverything. And that gives the ‘normal’ human not a whole lot of faith in me. And it seems like I have dabbled in a lot of things. From writing, to academics, back to writing and to photography.

Between it all, I orbit around all things creative, not a safe career bet. But having passed the milestone age of 30 (!) I am done with playing it safe and just another ‘safe’ and boring job to pay the rent. I don’t want to sleep away until I’m 50 and realised I did everything by the book and nothing that I really wanted.

And that will meet resistance. But this is who I am.

I am a multi-passionate creative. And I’m hella proud of that.