The pull of distractions

Photo by Jonathan Velasque

It takes a lot of brainpower not to give in to distractions. It’s so easy to keep sitting down and watch another episode of Netflix. Regardless of how much you want to do your thing.

Sometimes not giving into distractions is more than half the battle, it is the battle. And surprisingly that takes up a lot of mental bandwidth. It can leave you exhausted from fighting the urge to go do do something else, and that can suck the energy of the thing you’ve been meaning to do. It’s all one big paradox.

What you can do about it? Keep going. Just like saying no to chocolate, or running everyday: it’s forming a habit and it will get easier. Just know that distractions are there and that they are always going to do what they are best at: trying to distract you from what really matters to you.

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