production pipeline of chest animation

Week 1.

we found out about the task and were given the storyboards and brief of what we needed to do, which was a treasure chest for a board game called “pirates gold”. I started modelling a box into the basic shape for my chest, which had a Mayan/Aztec square stone feel to it by insetting, extruding, beveling and moving around the vertexes, edges and faces.

stone box chest theme/ idea
start of the box

Week 2.

I added a little more detail to the box and started making a lid for it, matching the stone square feel. I made a padlock to go along with it by making one half and mirroring it to make sure it was symmetrical.

the whole chest
the padlock

Week 3–5.

for weeks 3–5 I spent my time helping everyone else out because I was so far ahead due to using 3dsmax before and already knowing what to do.

Week 6.

I started unwrapping my model so I can begin texturing it using the uvwunrap modifier tool to get the uv template. after normalizing it the mapping looked good and didnt need editing so i rendered it out ready for photoshop.I completed my texture for my chest and started unwrapping my lid for texturing with the same uvwunwrap tool.

chest uvwmap render
finished texture for the chest

Week 7/8.

I rendered out the lid texture and sent it to Photoshop to make the texture. after completing the lid texture I sent the chest over to the assets scene and began animating. I decided to remake the path and make a couple of my own trees, which I animated to pop open with the board of the game. the chest then falls down and the camera zooms into the padlock falling off and the lid sliding forward. The camera pans back and coins come flying out and bounce on the floor.

lid texture
zoom in on the padlock opening
coins flying out bouncing