It’s The End Of The Presidency As We Know It, And I Feel Fine
Ryan Huber

The fact is that the failure of the “ideologically incoherent populist agenda” would never have been possible without the arrant hypocrisy of the supposed-conservatives of the GOP, and their apologists in the mass media, who consistently abrogated their stated “principles” and displayed such a lack of moral courage that Trump was selected to be the President. He should never have been allowed to be in a position to see whether or not his agenda could fail. His failure has had extremely serious, deadly consequences already, and he isn’t even finished with his first year in office. Throughout the campaign, his outrages were excused, and his long-standing, publicly-displayed corruption was dismissed, as was his obvious ignorance about everything pertinent to good governance, economics, American history, international relations, as well as, the implications of having a selfish narcissistic buffoon in charge of the country’s nuclear codes. The GOP and mass media story line that he would “pivot” and behave more “presidential” once he assumed office was pure fantasy, but GOP leaders and conservatives of every stripe (except the “never Trump” claque) convinced their supporters across the country of it, and they ALL fell right into line to support him, choosing their party loyalty over their loyalty to their country. As a 71 year-old man with all of his other flaws on full display, the probability that he would change anything about his actions or thinking was as close to zero as the possibility of his surviving a free fall from the top of Trump Tower. He HAS changed the Presidency by occupying it. He’s changed it for the worse, and the country’s future is at risk because of that. That can’t be “shrugged” off. In addition, all of you that think you can “shrug” and dismiss the real danger of no action being taken in response to the proven interference of the Russian government in our election, and their continuing interference in future elections, show yourselves to be hypocrites beyond measure, especially as so many of you rail against anyone that protests by kneeling during the national anthem to shed light on the injustices perpetrated by police in this country, especially against people of color. For you, it’s fine for a foreign adversary to choose our President, but no one should “disrespect our flag”. Who’s the traitor when you ignore the evidence provided by the most sophisticated intelligence operations in the world? Who’s the traitor when you support an agent of a foreign government that happens to occupy the White House, and control the world’s most powerful military?

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