CNA Week 00

Liberty University buys Fort Hill Shopping Center.
In a move to expand its off campus parking and with future hopes of restoring the property, Liberty University finalized its purchase of the struggling Fort Hill Shopping Center this past Friday. With some concerns from the current business that still reside there as to their customers having available parking, Liberty University has been working to direct students to vacant areas of the shopping center in order to meet these concerns. With local opinion on the purchase being both supportive and critical, only time will tell as to what plans Liberty has to restore the shopping center.


On Saturday, a football showdown unlike any other will occur in Hokie Stadium. Blacksburg’s Virginia Tech and Lynchburg’s Liberty University will have their first game against each other, with this also being the first game for the Hokies new football coach Justin Fuente. After a grueling training camp, the Hokies are ready and rearing to go, with the coach hoping for an opening day win.


This fall, Liberty University will once again pave the way for campus concealed carry policies as a new rule allowing firearms inside of the residence halls comes into effect. Now while only 20 students meet the strenuous requirements, many of the student population applaud and stand behind the school and its decision. Being aware that some students may be uncomfortable with having an armed roommate, the university has given the option for a student to change his or her room or residence hall.

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