Design for Center of Palliative Care

SDMK Design studio
May 14, 2018 · 2 min read

We would like to introduce our co-operation with Center of Palliative Care
in Czech Republic.

What is Center of Palliative Care and in what is involved?

Center for Palliative Care is a registered charity organization based in Prague, that aims to systematically improve the access to palliative care in the Czech Republic. The Center is involved in various research and educational activities as well as social innovations in the field of end-of-life care.

The role of SDMK Design was Art Direction and creating simply usibility UX/UI design. (modular design system with 1.25 ratio)

The greatest support within this project was Libor Vaněk who led the project as project leader and main director, mainly in charge of technical renovation and development

Also we would love to mention that this website has been written in modern innovative ways as Libor is constantly following the latest trends.

Libor Vaněk said about:

Isomorphic, decoupled app written in Vue.js/Nuxt.js, with the backend — headless Drupal 8 Contenta — communicate via JSON API.

The main aim of creating new design was meant as voluntary support gifted for Center of Palliative Care.

Jakub Sodomka Founder at SDMK Design Czech

Design Case Study on Behance soon!
Thank you.

SDMK DC team.

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