Exploring The Other Places in Dubai Apart from Burj Khalifa

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Apr 10 · 3 min read

Dubai is all about the splendid amalgamation of profound tradition and ambitious futuristic vision. It’s hard not to admire the splendid beauty of this superlative craving city that has birthed audaciously tallest skyscrapers and palm shaped islands. Once you reach Dubai, it gives you an impression of sci-fi city that you have seen only in Hollywood sci-fi movies. Days in Dubai are ambitious and nights are inspiring….it never lets you sleep. The vibrant nightlife in Dubai showcases shape-shifting party spectrum caters for just about every taste, budget and age group. Dubai is a bustling microcosm peacefully shared by cultures from all across the globe. Although rooted in Islamic tradition, Dubai has an embracing society that welcomes people from different backgrounds and helps them connect with myriad experiences.

Dubai has a lot to offer. From ultramodern enticing g infrastructures to relishing Bedouin culture amidst the desert.. Dubai is place full of indefatigable verve. Many people still think Dubai is all about Burj-Khalifa the tallest skyscraper in the world or the largest shopping mall in Dubai. But it is more than that and if you are planning for a Dubai tour here is a guide to include other equally beautiful places worth your visit into your itinerary along with Burj Khalifa.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

It is the world’s largest indoor themed adventure park located in Dubai. Pay your visit here and ride the adrenaline pumping attractions based on iconic Marvel superhero, including the Spiderman, Hulk, Thor and Avengers. If you or your kid is interested in going on a pre-historic expedition, dinosaurs are there to roar back to life in the Lost Valley. The cartoon characters you once used to admire a lot, come to life and give you some exciting rides and after so many thrilling fun-filled activities, there are 28 eateries to satisfy your hungry soul.

Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum perfectly portrays the city’s transformation from fishing and pearling village to the global epicenter of commerce, finance, ultra-modern infrastructure and tourism. The museum exhibits on Bedouin life in the desert and a room highlighting the essence of sea illustrate the days before the discovery of oil. Apart from that the museum also showcases some archaeological findings from nearby excavation sites.

Global Village

Global village in Dubai is like world-fair for shoppers. It is the world’s leading multi-cultural festival park the attraction features around 25 pavilions, its showcases a country or region’s handicrafts, merchandise and cuisines. It offers an extensive array of events and international program. Chinese Opera to Turkish whirling dervishes as well as a fun fair with dozens of rides from tame to terrifying, Dubai’s Global Village has everything to make your trip memorable.

Gold Souk

A trip to Dubai is incomplete without a trip to the Gold Souk, one of the oldest and most fascinating traditional markets in the Emirates. A walk through the glittering Gold Souk and you will be overwhelmed by the biggest selection of gold jewelries and gemstones crafted in a variety of carats. Dubai government ensures the authenticity of each gold retailer and it can make you sure your purchase will be genuine.

These are just a few places and Dubai has a wide array of magnificent places that worth your visit every time you make a trip to this futuristic city. Looking at the growing number of tourists, Dubai government has made the visa application procedure for international tourists comfortable and you can obtain your Dubai visa within two to four business days from Emirates Visa Consultant in Delhi easily. Make sure to provide authentic and valid documents while submitting the application, otherwise, you can face rejection.