How to get Liberals to defund Planned Parenthood in 7 easy steps

Dear Republicans,
We get it: You aren’t a fan of Planned Parenthood because of the abortions they perform. But what if I told you there are seven simple steps to get Liberals like me on your side in defunding them? Here’s a step by step guide.

1. Replace the ~$500 million currently budgeted for Planned Parenthood with a budget for a new organization to replace them. I’d suggest a budget of around $5 billion for the first year to establish new infrastructure/re-purpose old infrastructure and $1 billion per year after that.

2. Give that organization a charter stating goals of reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies and promoting Women’s and Human’s health.

3. Allow this organization to select the sexual education strategy for public schools that most accomplishes what we all want: Happy, healthy adults regardless of sexuality and gender expression. This will, based on latest evidence, mean teachers will discuss sex with elementary-aged school children alongside pregnancy prevention methods like birth control, IUDs, and condoms.

4. Do not prevent this organization from hiring the best and most qualified individuals, many of whom will likely come from Planned Parenthood.

5. Make birth control free and accessible over the counter to males and females over the age of 10. Let’s also make it easy and free for any woman who wants an IUD to get one starting as early as our medical knowledge suggests is safe: IUDs work for years and don’t require daily medication.

6. This guy? Someone just like him needs to be our Secretary of Health and Human Services. Removing the stigma associated with condoms and other sexual health needs helped Thailand cut the incidence rate of HIV by 90%, and could help make the same thing happen here.…/mechai_viravaidya_how_mr_condom_made_…

7. Give this organization the power to educate our society about rape, and take them seriously.

Doing all seven with a strong, Scientific and Secular standard could allow it to be universally applicable in our society and could effectively eliminate all abortions other than those required for the health of the mother.

Only once we have changed the paradigm of how pregnancy starts can we start discussing changes to how pregnancy may end.

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