Where does mobile web currently fall short and what innovation is on the horizon that will allow it to succeed?

Current limitations of PWAs

What does the future have in store for mobile app development?

Sketch showing how pull-to-search works.
Pull-to-Search: a proposal for iOS

Motivation for this series

Inspiration for this article

Photo showing a thumb reaching to the top of the screen awkwardly
As phones get bigger, the navigation bar gets further out of reach

Why one-handed use is so important

Swift on the server

Two approaches to accessing multiple environments

  1. One approach is to use a different Bundle ID for each environment. This means you can have…

If you want someone else to love your code, then you need to love it yourself.

You’re close, but it’s not the one.

What I’m playing around with…

Micro zoom out

Early example of a user notification in iOS (from WWDC 2010 video archive)

Sam Dods

Tech Lead and Mobile Evangelist based in Edinburgh, Scotland

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