Cheerleading From A Male Perspective

Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate? NEVADA! Representing Nevada Cheer on his t-shirt, Patrick shows school spirit even off of the field. Most people would assume that cheerleading requires a lot of hard work and training, to even make the team, but Patrick proved that assumption wrong.

An ex football player, Patrick laughed at the idea of trying out for the cheer team. His senior year, his friend’s mom was the cheerleading coach at his high school and thought of the idea to try out for the team. “We all kind of laughed at my friend,” Patrick’s friend told him that for men, cheerleading was more than just, “cheering,” but also throwing girls in the air and catching them. “You kind of have a girl’s life in your hands.” Rimby and friends showed up to a couple of the practices, and before he knew it he was apart of the Robert McQueen High School cheerleading squad.

Patrick found out about the coed stunt team at the University of Nevada, Reno through his high school cheerleading coach. After being accepted at Nevada, he tried out for the team. Out of 22 males that tried out, he was one of 14 that made the stunt team. As one of the smaller guys on the team he has to be more in shape than his bigger teammates. “Throwing a 100-pound girl in the air is pretty hard when you aren’t as big as the other guys.”

Cheer has really influenced Patrick because of all the outside charity events they do that not a lot of people see. “It has taught me not to be so selfish, but to give to other people all the time because that’s what we do as a team, it’s one community, one pack.”

Patrick has learned a lot of team building skills and social skills from being a part of the cheerleading team. “Being able to put myself out there more.” As a cheerleader, you are yelling, doing cool stunts, “When the game isn’t going we’re the center of attention.” Patrick has learned not to worry too much about what people think of him.

Patrick has met so many people through cheer, going from game to game. When Nevada played at Texas, he mentions what a crazy experience that was. “People that know who you are just come up to you and want to have a conversation with you.”

One last thing that Patrick wants to tell potential Nevada cheerleaders is, “Don’t think you’re better than anyone else, you have a clear field here they aren’t going to judge you by anything but your skills.”

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