Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is term used largely nowadays with every product or every new software updates. But this word is highly misused and people think that that product must be highly advanced which is wrong. They claim that they have made AI product which is far from reality. AI is when machine can think like humans. And no machine currently is anywhere near to it. Alan Turing who is considered as a father of AI has made a test which if machine passed than can be called as AI. In this test the person test the intelligence of machine by asking various questions and if the person asking question cannot distinguish that whether the answer is given by human or machine for 70% of time than the machine is called to be an AI. We’re decades away from real AI.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning and AI are largely related topics. Infact, ML is subset of AI or we can say that real AI cannot be built without ML. ML means how to make machines learn using experience or data. ML makes machine more intelligent when more data is given. There are are various types of learning used and are developed through decades. More efficient algorithms are built so that machine can learn from experience or through simulations.

Deep Learning

Deep learning is hot topic nowadays. We can say that it is one of the methods used in machine learning. Deep learning is also synonym to neural network. Neural network is a brain like structure used by machines to learn using data. Deep learning known as deep neural network as very large neural network is used in machines in order to train the machine and to give more precise output.

Deep learning is one of the methods used for ML which is subpart of Al.