Emojis & Dating | Lost in Translation in 2016 🤔🤗😏💃🏾💯💪🏿🐸☕️🍆🙊👀

What’s hilarious is that this began as a joke. “He” said something, and “She” responded with an emoji, assuming that he was an iPhone user and that my..er..i mean “her”, message would come across clear. Simple, right? But nah. Wrong assumption. Communication broken. Her intentions misunderstood, and her humor misinterpreted. My wit was on the line, y’all! (Okay fine, it was me.) And though I love using actual words…these little images had helped transmit my (often super animated) thoughts in one effortless push of a button. And now here we were, at an impasse🙄. Broken🙅🏽. (Don’t deny me my dramatic rights.)

You see, in 2016 (and a few years prior), emojis have become apart of (my) everyday “speak”. A constant in the millennial’s vernacular. (Again, my blog post. my dramatic rights). I rejoiced the glorious day that an emoji update was released and I was able to roll my eyes, ponder on a thought and..YES..flip the bird at you (of course adjusting the hue to match my skin tone.#Yasss #WIN). But, alas, not everyone celebrated this technological breakthrough. Not only did everyone NOT feel the same way, but due to various “updates” and versions…I became privy to the fact that we don’t all utilize the same emojis to begin with. At least for the same reasons. So while I might send you the sassy red-dressed salsa dancer emoji to imply that i was ready to partayyyy💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾, you the recipient (likely a *shiver* Android user) may see something else. And like, I thought we had all agreed that the eggplant emoji was…you know…uhm, not an actual eggplant 👀?

Anyway, back to the dating “woes”.

Is it indeed possible, that the lack of common emoji usage/understanding could in fact get in between two individuals’ attempt to communicate through technology, when it is the “cultural norm” for one but not the other? Is it age? Is it the division of iPhone users and all you “other people”? Is this drilled even further to classify the smaller sub-segment of iPhone users that have updated their emoji game to version Latest.0? So does this in fact mean that asking ones potential suitor what version iOS they’re on…is ok? A/S/L is being updated to A/S/L/Device Information?? I NEED ANSWERS PEOPLE.

These are real questions. And yes, while our world has many more pressing problems…I would like these addressed (too).

In the meantime, I urge you to question whether your messages are being understood, fellow comrades. “Yes, i’d love to Netflix & Chill on Friday 👀😉😍” is significantly different from “Yes, I’d love to Netflix & Chill on Friday👽👽”. One may be looking forward to watching Oscar winning movies. One not so much 😉😉.

Are you willing to risk being misunderstood?


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