The pendulum sways in equal measure. Whatever joy one feels in life the exact same amount of pain will be felt in the opposite direction.

As I checked into my new apartment in a land unknown to me, the owner asks why I’m in town. I explained to him of my previous plans and how I was supposed to be with the girl I love. I found myself fighting back tears as I spoke. He saw this effort and apologized for the situation. As I went down the flights of stairs to retrieve my luggage, on my way up I had to take breaks between each floor, not out of exhaustion from their weight, but from the emotional burden. I found myself panting, gasping desperately for oxygen. She is my oxygen.

I’m beginning if these posts are beginning to sound redundant. Touching on the same premise just with different terms. I just want so badly to hear from her. Even if it’s just one letter in a text.

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