Wow…. are you by chance a Facebook fanboy?
Christian Worley

That’s the easy response everyone is giving. “You must be a fanboy of X”. In reality it’s not so easy to be very experienced in a couple of frontend frameworks. So that makes a fair comparison quite rare to find. 
I have worked with React and I’m currently working on a greenfield Angular 6 project, for the last 4 months. And I had to conclude that it takes a lot more time to “get” Angular then it is to get React. And to me the main reason is that it’s abstracting html/javascript development away too much. To be clear, I’m a full stack developer. And in the backend I use .NET/C#. So dependency injection and OO are concepts I’m very familiar with. And I’m also very familiar with javascript frontend development in general. And when I’m using Angular it’s a “worst of both worlds” feeling.