The kiss of death: Analysis Paralysis

When you can’t move…all that’s left is panic or calm. Which way are YOU going to go?

I’m waist deep into learning to code. I’m invested. I’m working on my thoughts and prayers that are going to get me to the promise land that is developing something amazing. Something that will take the world by storm! Something that will make a difference in the world! (Patiently waiting for the ROI)

Or just something to get me back to sleeping for more than 5 hours. #realgoals

Working full-time, having a side job, and learning to code…makes the body a little weary, a little wired, and a little wild at times. That’s not even half of what I do, and I know there are so many people out there that are doing way more than that. Question: How do you stay awake to drive, walk, or talk? #myshero But like I always say its a process that requires patience and precision.

What do I do when I have to decide something important? I consult my fave five (the top of my favorites list in my iPhone), I consult my dog (Nala: who throws up sometimes…meaning NO), or I just jump (meaning yes or YOLO) and see what happens. Don’t do this at home, but most times I live through it no matter what I decide. Most of the bad ones have a lesson behind them and the good ones are just good…GREAT even!

What’s your process? Do you have one? Just remember tomorrow is not here yet and it’s not promised. Weigh your options and don’t waste your time.

Pinteresting is always fun!