Work is never done: Alexa does it again.

My second Alexa Skill gave me a lot more trouble than anticipated. First of all…I had to pick a topic about somthing for this skill. I thought about it…then I looked around for something I really like. I happened to be at home at the time, and who walks up? NALA :), my super happy dog who always wants to run and play. I was excited because their has to be millions of interesting facts about dogs, right? Of course I’m right…dogs are amazing…(so are other pets I’m only biased for the sake of this Alexa Skill). My grandmother had cats who were cute and cuddly too, but Nala is really my little luvbug.

Anyway, so I got into the directions on how to do this, and I got a little stuck when I had to a add a zip file and it wasn’t working. I mixed myself up so much that I decided to take a break. When I got back from the 80 degree fall weather (good old Atlanta), I still couldn’t figure it out *sigh*, so I started over. Fresh canvas again and I went through a different approach(focused man). I read through all the directions and then went through it again step by step…so I didn’t miss anything. And I got stuck again! It was the same step, so I looked into other sources Google, Stack Overflow, Amazon forums. The realization that I wasn’t alone in this was refreshing, but I had to dig for a little while to get an explanation that made sense to me…and I solved it!

Although I feel very victorious and I got my new skill submitted I still feel a little silly. Why? Because I don’t fully understand how I solved it, but I’ve got so many good endorphins running around I don’t even care how it happened. LOL. I’m just happy I got through it and I can move on. I’m pretty sure I learned somethings (I may not know exactly what until I go through it again), and I’m optimistic that the rest will come as long as I’m patient with myself. All in all…SCORE!