Here’s a newsflash for you, the Grammys don’t just ignore deserving artists of color; they ignore…
Daniel Grant

By Black People, For Black People

But if You Read it & Can Feel it, Peace

Mr. Grant, with all due respect — I don’t care if Jesus Christ cut an album, called it New Testament, and it was overlooked by the Grammy Board. That was not the point of the paper.

Further, as you read it, you may have recognized that I, the author, was writing from the standpoint of a Black person writing to Black people…unless your “auntie nem” played some of those R&B classics too at a cookout where your family did the Booty Call.

The nuance that was apparently lost on you is the fact that Black people were enslaved by White people for over three hundred years, conditioned to hate all things Black, and, as Eurocentricity would have it, Blacks have been made to look to white people for approval.

But I’m not, and this is not an #alllivesmatter type writing. No, it’s a Black Lives Matter ‘thang’ and you can accept it or let it alone… “Give it Up or Turn it Loose,” whatever you choose — I don’t care. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment though. Kudos.