Hey, what’s going on?

It’s Scott Taylor with sandiegorealestatehunter.com.

Licensed in the state of California, for both real estate and mortgages, with an emphasis on San Diego.

Now, if you’re like most people living in San Diego, you’re tied to the new, or you’re tied to interest rates or what’s going on in the world right.

And you hear all these different things of rates have to go up, there’s no other way, they get all these reasons why and you’re like, “you know what, that makes sense, rates are going to go up.”

And then you hear something…

Hey, what’s going on?

It’s Scott Taylor with sandiegorealestatehunter.com.

Licensed in the state of California for doing both real estate and mortgages, with an emphasis on San Diego.

Now, you’re here because you fill out a form on my website, maybe about today’s San Diego’s mortgage rates, maybe about San Diego’s mortgage finder and that’s what this educational video is all about.

Now, this will be Q. and A.

There’s another video probably on this page or via e-mail or use social media, where ever you’re seeing this, we kind of broke down more of why I’m doing this…

Borrego Springs is an excellent destination for people seeking some time off their busy schedules. With its low population, remote location, and the vast Anza Borrego Desert surrounding it, it is ideal for both adventure and as a second home. Its commitment towards conservation and maintenance, enabling it to retain its small-town feel over the years.

Borrego Springs is 90 miles off downtown San Diego and the popular lights of California. Only two hours commute from the city; the remote hideout is vacation-worthy for a myriad of reasons. …

San Diego is known for its pristine beaches, pleasant climate, deep natural harbor, and most importantly, its long association with the United States military. San Diego County has more military bases within its borders than any other city in the United States.

More than 15,000 active duty service members transition out of service duty and more than half of them to prefer to stay in San Diego. The southern Californian coast has the highest number of veterans of about 240,000 as at 2018. …

San Diego has always been one of the best places to live due to its fantastic weather, beaches, beautiful parks, and great sporting centers. It is one of the major cities visited by tourists each year despite the higher living costs in the city. Despite the city being so expensive in terms of living costs and higher housing rates. There is, however, a higher employment rate in the city with a median household income ranging around $71,481. This is quite a higher pay that may be enough to cater for your living expenses. There are also affordable places you may…

Many people prefer living in San Diego due to the beautiful and serene beaches in the city. It is a great place to take an adventure with family and friends and even enjoy great experiences on the beaches. However, higher rental pricing in San Diego tends to scare more people away. If you are planning to live in San Diego, then it is obvious that the first thing you will be worried about is where to find a cheaper place in San Diego, especially with these higher rental rates in most parts of the city. San Diego is indeed one…

The San Diego housing market may more unpredictable in 2020 than in previous years, in part due to slow sales and in part because of growth in both the number of jobs and in wages. Those considering buying a home will need to know some things in order to navigate the waters of real estate purchasing.

San Diego can be full of surprises since it is known as a technology center and with more people moving in to take jobs or start businesses. …

Many potential homebuyers recognize the name Quicken Loans as a mortgage lender. The company has spent a lot of money on clever ads and building a brand for their latest product, Rocket Mortgage. However, the company isn’t telling you everything and many have found their home buying experience with them to be a disaster.

Quicken Loans touts that J.D. Powers has ranked it highest in customer satisfaction for Primary Mortgage Origination for nine years. It also ranks highest in customer satisfaction in Mortgage Servicing for five years. …

Looking for the perfect house near a beach can tough, especially if you are looking for other activities in your city that doesn’t just include swimming. Luckily, there are cities in San Diego that offer more to its residents. Residents can have easy access to the beach and more, all within their dream home that is under $1,000,000. Below is a description of the five best cities, with three of the best properties for sale, listed in no particular order.

Here’s a quick rundown of our list:


You may have visions of you and your family living in a new home, but feel that this dream is just out of reach for you due to your income.

The truth is that just because you don’t make a lot of money, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t programs and opportunities out there for you to be able to afford the home you really want.

Whether you have a job that doesn’t pay enough to put down a large down payment, or you have a hard time making ends meet, there is likely something out there for you to…

Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor is a California licensed mortgage loan originator, San Diego real estate agent, and full time real estate investor. Read more at www.sdrehunter.com

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