SaaS Companies And The Rare Customer Visits

Self-service software is great but startups need humans, especially for sales, support and success. The people you hire provide just as much value as your product.

Allowing an enterprise-level prospect to point-and-click purchase your software isn’t responsible. There’s too much at stake. There are too many factors that ultimately dictate their success, including costs, on-boarding, training, and whether you’re actually a good fit for them.

The biggest downside is that you run the risk of losing touch with your customers. When you lose touch, it’s really difficult to create customer satisfaction. Why is this important? Because customer satisfaction generates real insights. That’s how you truly understand your customers — you know what they care about, the language they use, what challenges they face.

It’s easy to focus on improving your company’s growth, process, and operations. While it is important to be successful, you have to remember why and for whom you’re improving these things for. And answers to those questions can only come from your customers.

You would need an unfiltered and candid feedback straight from your customers. It is possible only when you visit your customer’s office at-least once a year. Understanding their business challenges and opportunities is paramount to make them successful. Visiting their office is one way that would enable us to help them.

Secondly, you get the exclusive inside scoop on the company. What role are your inside champions playing? What are some of the “updates” that could potentially affect you, say a merger or acquisition(We have had cases where we actually gained potentially business).

In short, you get to learn a lot about their business if you spend some time at their office and build a bond that would never happen via phone or email.

Being able to see the environment in which your customers use your product, the atmosphere at their work place and talking with the people who use your product is always an insightful experience.

How important is your product to your customers? Meet them in person to find out