Digitalization: Business — Social Trends and Impact

The digitalization is the hot cake of the modern society. Everybody runs after digital marketing Services in Kolkata to get the easy access of the items quickly. Not only in the digital marketing but also the digital banking, rationing system has been implemented in this country. These all are about the technological advancements. In the sector of digital marketing the main important medium of the business is the Social Medias which are inadvertently useful option to promote and market the goods and services online.

The social media is the important way to promote the marketing policy through the valuable blogs and articles of the customers. From the valuable articles the marketing group will be able to know if there is any loophole and after getting this can be resolved. By this process the marketing and the profit of the company both simultaneously will be increased. However this social media and the digitalization have impact on the teens. Many problems can be seen after the deep engrossment with the social networking sites seeking the urged items and services. The teen mind is seen to be confused after getting involved so much in the social media.

The impact of the social media on teens:-

It is obvious that the social media is the inadvertent mode of the digitalization. However has anybody thought about the hash impact of the social media on the next generation teen minds? According to the researchers the heavy involvement of the teens with the social media lets them to distract from the goal. If a boy or girl is found to be with the social media for long time then how will the natural enrichment of knowledge would happen? They are always found with the Facebook, Twitter, and other media for long and they give excuse that they are doing some important jobs. According to the scientists, prolonged engagement with the media devices causes the enhancement of the dullness of the mind and the next generation teens lack their basic instinct assessing the proper situations.

The social media has turned the teens unsocial:-

Although the social media is very important in the organizational sectors like marketing, banking, and so on; this mode of advancement is making the teens unsocial. It is very uncomfortable to get the perception that the social media is turning the modern generation unsocial. A decade ago the people would have to go to the offline stores and other places to get the required items or services. Nowadays they are getting those things online through the Professional SEO Services provider in Kolkata. Through digital marketing they are able to get all important detail of an item. So the public interaction has lost somewhere. The teens are very fond of the social media like Facebook, Tweeter, and so on. They like the pictures posted on the Facebook or tweets on something. Have they become actually social? No, they have not. They are lacking the public relations due to the massive usage of the social media. So it can be truly said that the specific mode of communication has made the teens less communicative in the modern era. However everything has its loophole and drawbacks. It should not be forgotten that this particular media is essential for the digital marketing and it is very important in the cities like Kolkata where the people are very much tech savvy.