The H4ck5 at Mozfest

Mozfest is 100% AWESOME!

It was a cool event with people who get what I got and a collective idea of one web and how we need to make the web a safer place and a better place. At Mozfest I did a lot of Raspberry Pi sessions and a session called think before you click. That session was really good.

I went to Mozfest with Hacklab Cambridge and they are a cool bunch. Mark (One of the co-founders of Hacklab) and Elliot and Robin, all came down to London.

On the Saturday before my session, Elliot made a pirate radio station with PiFM that was playing Zombie warnings on repeat. They broadcasted through out the whole of the Ravensbourne college building, through the copper in Ethernet cables in the walls. That was a lot of fun!

By far, the Youth led sessions were the best! (Non biased Opinion). It was amazingly led by Andrew and Dorine Flies who are amazing people, who are so full of knowledge.

The people at Mozfest were so diverse, with different people from different countries and cultures. You could also tell by the food Mozilla provided: on Sunday it was Vietnamese chicken wraps.

(Above- The Friday night science fair)

The people there, despite being so different, all had one intention of being there: to learn new stuff about technology. That’s what I feel strongly about, is people learning this fast growing age of tech and also how to be safe with it.

I think a way to be safe is actually embrace the dangers of it and learn how to hack. Yes, I know it sounds a bit strange but if you have read my previous blog on why people should Pen-test, it should become a bit clearer.

However, I guess one way of putting it is: People learn Martial arts to protect themselves in a dangerous situations; People learn hacking to protect themselves from malicious hackers and not get into virtual, dangerous situations.

Solving the problem of hackers is not taking there toys away. No matter how many machines you unplug there is still always going to be a way round everything that they’ll do. So to solve the problem, you’ve got to go with it. You need to put people on the right track with the good knowledge of right and wrong and to do things legally.

The best way of hacking legally is to do something called bug bounties and you can hack into companies that will pay you. But of course it has regulations and rules to stay within the law but the reasons to do it is:

  1. You get paid
  2. You enjoy what your doing
  3. You find the vulnerabilities before the bad guys use them to their advantage.

I did a session at Mozfest called “WiFi penetration with Kali Linux”. The tech behind it didn’t work on the day which was sad ☹. However, we talked about vulnerabilities in WiFi networks, using MITM and lots of people came, so that was encouraging!

I did that session about hacking and yet, I didn’t get any bad news about it. Huhhh? The reason is, people encouraged me and told me my hacking wasn’t a naughty piece of knowledge, it was a skill.

We need more people like that. People like Dorine Flies and Mark. People to get hackers on the right track and a place to use there skills, like a club, like Hacklab Cambridge for instance.

Let’s encourage the Hackers of today, so we can have a future on the web tomorrow.