How To Get Custom Rhinestone Transfers On T-Shirts

Look through just about any wardrobe or cabinet — what is the one staple clothing item that you are guaranteed to find? — A T-Shirt! There is simply no shortage of colors, designs or forms of T-Shirts in the fashion world. Everyone can find some or the other unique piece that perfectly suits their taste. And if you are more creatively inclined, adding just a touch of flair and creativity can completely transform a T-Shirt into a passionate statement of your personality. There is a superbly long list of ideas that you can choose to customize your T-shirt. And rhinestones definitely top that list! If your idea of being fashionable involves bling and flair, this article will help you make it happen — here is a simple guide on how to get custom rhinestone transfers on T-Shirts.

Exploring the glitz and glam of rhinestones

Rhinestones offer an amazing way to take a simple T-Shirt and pack it full of glitz, glam, and gem-like elegance. No matter what kind of design you have in mind — be it an image, a pattern or even text, rhinestones let you transfer whatever you have in your mind right to your T-Shirt. It can be quite a powerful way to make a style statement and become the center of attention!

Getting rhinestone designs on T-Shirts

The process of getting rhinestone designs on T-Shirts is called ‘transferring’. Rhinestone iron-on transfers for T-Shirts can be easily found in the market in a wide variety of designs, patterns, and styles that you can use to create beautiful motifs on your clothes. There are various websites which stock a huge range of custom rhinestone transfers including shapes of mythical animals, Goth-designs, holiday themed motifs, angels and devils, stars, wings, crowns, butterflies, flowers, birds and much more. There are female centric designs, kids based themes, macho patterns and even movie related templates available that you can use. Plus, there is always a chance to select letters and numbers to create a glittery T-shirt with your favorite slogan using rhinestones! If you want to wear a rhinestone decorated ‘I Heart Something’ T-Shirt — that is possible too! The key is to find the best provider of DIY Rhinestone iron-on transfer Kits or templates and you are good to go!

The process of rhinestone transferring

In a nutshell, iron-on transfers are images that can be impressed on to fabric using the heat of an iron. To get your chosen design onto your T-Shirt, you simply have to carefully place the transfer paper on the surface and iron on its back until the rhinestones firmly take hold. It really is THAT simple! Most DIY kits come equipped with everything you will need to get a custom rhinestone transfer on your T-Shirt. Once you have selected the best design and color in accordance with your T-shirt, the next step will be placing an order with a trusted supplier and getting the product delivered to your doorstep. The kit will come with detailed instruction for you to follow for successfully decorating your T-Shirt as you had planned.

Adding some bling and glamor to your wardrobe really is an amazing idea, don’t you think?


SEAART Rhinestone has been working in the world of clothing accessories in China for more than two decades now. Their focus is the manufacture and sales of designed custom rhinestone transfers, hot-fix motifs and iron-on heat seal designs that customers can use to decorate T-shirts, totes, caps, jackets and much more. The company’s huge client base includes big names like Disney and Zara, and their market reputation is a result of high quality products and creative designs that they have been consistently offering for many years now.

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