Linux has replaced my Mac

Stories of issues with Linux on apple hardware are always confusing to me.

I have been running various linux distros on apple hardware since PPC days.

On x86 hardware, I have had much less issues with Ubuntu or RedHat based distros then all of my attempts at running Linux on Dell or HP hardware. These usually have random esoteric peripherals requiring MS based drivers. (Network cards/usb devices/case locks/sd card readers/ etc.)

This has been even less of an issue if you for example install Ubuntu using Bootcamp. It installs most necessary drivers to make sure the machine boots properly.

Unless people are doing things that are super arcane my experience is that due to the limited amount of hardware choices used in manufacturing by Apple; it is usually easy to find necessary drivers/support files by just going to ubuntu forums and other such resources.

All this to ask what kind of problems have you had specifically with Apple hardware that exclude it from your work options?

I seem to remember that even Linus for a very long time was using apple hardware with Linux, and so do a great number of engineers at google, Facebook and many other places?

I can see the display/trackpads being an issue but even that should be fairly easy to fix?

Anyways, I have been running osx/windows/linuxmint/solaris on my Macbook pro for the past 2 years using Linux for dev work (although I am not a ‘real’ developer/but an artist) and none of this has been particularly hard.

I will admit though that I have always worked on computers with the expectation of things failing/not working correctly and for this reason I do have a higher tolerance for wonkiness.

But for me at least since my first computer in 83 that has been par for the course.

(But i have also owned a number of very old vehicles, so maybe there is a pattern.)