Equal Pay Day @ Boloco

Yesterday, April 12, 2016, was equal pay day. At Boloco, I will admit we don’t consciously think about pay and compensation as relates to gender, race, or any other criteria that profiles people in such fashion. As many who follow us know, our goal is to pay people enough to lead more fulfilling lives, period. We aim to build a business model that can afford to pay our people the most in the industry, second to none (and sadly that’s not saying a lot at the present time). Further, by definition, diversity runs rampant throughout our company, with our 330+ team members hailing from at least a dozen different countries, from all spectrums of the income scale.

But lets focus on gender for now. Yesterday, as I noticed social media posts commenting on so-called Equal Pay day, I decided to ask our one and only trusty administrative guru, Shu Liu, to run a report on gender and pay at Boloco. I also looked up the genesis of Equal Pay day… for those who don’t know, it was “celebrated” on April 12 this year to symbolize “how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned during the previous year.” Check out pay-equity.org for more background on Equal Pay Day.

Without judgment — meaning, I literally don’t know if this is “good” or “bad” or something in between relative to others in our industry or any industry — and knowing that these kind of statistics can stir up all kinds of arguments and require even further analysis (ie. open a massive can of worms), I offer them in the spirit of transparency and maintaining an open dialogue.

Total # Team Members: 337

One glaring omission for the few of you who did the math and realized that the numbers above don’t add up to 337…there are 3 individuals missing from this chart: yours truly, Matt Taylor, and Erik Burns… CEO and VPs of the company, respectively. On average we earn $123,000 in base salary per year, and we are all white males in our late 30’s to mid-40’s. As recently as 3 years ago we had a senior support team always hovering around 10 people where roughly half the members were women at any given time — I don’t have their pay figures handy unfortunately, but my rough estimation is that if you eliminated CEO and CFO pay (around $200,000 at that time), the Boloco Equal Pay Day would be in early January as well, and honestly not sure which gender it would favor. With the well publicized pause in Boloco’s growth these past couple of years, we’ve downsized substantially at corporate and thrown all of the resources we have into supporting the restaurant teams, thus explaining the lack of personnel in the Senior Support Team group today.


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