Offshore diving Services in India

Seafolk Diving Contractors & Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. (ISO certified 9001:2008) is a Gujarat registered Diving Services Company Located in Jamnagar, Gujarat India providing specialized underwater services.Seafolk provide a full spectrum of commercial diving services such as underwater salvage work, Pipeline inspection & installation, hull cleaning, propeller polishing, still photography inspection or closed circuit CC-TV inspection, underwater repair and other forms of underwater maintenance works within the India Anchorage area.

Commercial offshore diving, sometimes shortened to just offshore diving, is a branch of commercial diving, with divers working in support of the exploration and production sector of the oil and gas industry.The work in thisarea of the industry includes maintenance of oil platforms and the building of underwater structures. In this context “offshore” implies that the diving work is done outside of national boundaries.

Scope of work :
The offshore diver may do a wide range of tasks in support of offshore drilling or production.
Drilling rig support :
Much of the offshore seabed diving work is inspection, maintenance and repair of the blow-out preventers & their permanent guide bases. The primary functions of a blow-out preventer system are to confine well fluid to the wellbore, provide a way to add fluid to the wellbore and to allow controlled volumes of fluid to be withdrawn from the wellbore. 
Pipeline work :
A large amount of offshore diving work is associated with pipeline work, particularly with pipeline connections. Depths may range from deep to shallow, and procedures and diving mode will be chosen to suit. Work includes aspects of pipe laying and trenching, and work on existing pipelines and ancillary equipment.
Diving equipment :
The diving equipment used for offshore work is chosen to facilitate the work to be done while exposing the personnel involved to an acceptably low level of risk. When reasonably practicable, use of remotely operated underwater vehicles is preferred, as this avoids exposing the diver to underwater hazards.
Health and safety :
The actual diving work is usually done by one or two divers, backed up by a team of support personnel, both to facilitate getting the work done, and to provide an acceptably low level of risk for the diver and other affected personnel. Offshore diving operations are expensive and inherently hazardous, so extensive planning and effective management are necessary to control risk and ensure that the necessary work is done effectively.

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Offshore diving services in india — Seafolkdive
Offshore diving services in india — Seafolkdive