Removing Barnacles Cheap and Effectively — Where to Get Resources on Affordable Underwater Cleaning

Any boater would love to have a smooth sail and do this without using a lot of fuel. But this can only be achieved if there are no barnacles that stick to the bottom of the boat. Barnacles are sea creatures which belong to the shellfish group which also includes shrimps and crabs. But unlike shrimps and crabs, barnacles pose as a hindrance to boats especially in acceleration. Barnacles thrive in warm waters and they can build up easily.

They increase the boat’s resistance against the waters, so boats have to use more fuel in accelerating. It is thus very important that boaters remove barnacles from the bottom of their boats so they can achieve a smooth sail without using a lot of fuel. There have been many studies that have shown how much barnacles cause boats to consume more fuel. The US Navy, for instance, say that boats with light buildup of barnacles have to consume about 15% more fuel in order to accelerate.

Imagine how much fuel consumption a small boat with a lot of barnacles on its bottom would have to deal with? Thus owners of small boats would really have to prioritize underwater boat cleaning so they can ensure minimal fuel consumption. Small boats are not the only ones requiring constant underwater hull cleaning. Even big vessels like cruise ship lines and cargo vessels are prone to barnacle build up.

Since large ships have to reach a certain destination on time, these vessels have no recourse but to increase their fuel consumption in order to maintain an ideal speed level. This also results to increased pressure on the engines of these large ships, causing early breakdown not just of engines but other moving parts as well. Regular underwater hull cleaning is indeed very critical since it will spare boats the added weight of barnacles. Boats which are regularly cleaned of barnacles usually accelerate without using too much fuel. The underwater hull cleaning business is also a thriving industry given the need for boats to regularly clean their hulls.

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