The 4 Easy Ways of Getting More Done By Doing Less
Chris Daniels

Make a habit of doing what’s important

Eisenhower said it first. Covey made it famous in his best-selling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People as “Habit #3: Put First Things First.”

Neither one of them guides us on how important or urgent any of our activities are. This post gives you an introduction:

Still, most people still fail to get it right because they they think of the Eisenhower matrix as a guide to managing their time.

It’s not.

As Chris Daniels points out, our attention is more important than our time.

Put the things you really want at the top of your IMPORTANT vs URGENT matrix, and then prioritize your attention towards those things.

One of the things that you might discover has been keeping you from your wantings is that you’ve been paying too much attention to your feelings.

Once you’ve made a habit of doing what’s important (even when it’s not urgent) you’ll find that you complete those activities without paying attention to them at all. They become automatic.

That’s why Chris says “write every day”. Because that’s how you make what’s important a habit.