Self improvement is a continuous process.

Thanks for noticing this story Bill.Smith@DesiredChange

I started with cold showers, too. One of the coldest was in London in early February. Another memorable cold shower was in Banff in the Canadian Rockies. It was summer, but the water was so cold I felt the “brain freeze” that is usually reserved for sucking up your slurpee too fast.

Now I find the baths easier than the showers, because the full immersion impacts my whole body at once. Look carefully at Emma’s technique. She tucks her fingers under her armpits and leaves her toes out of the water, thus protecting her most vulnerable extremities from the worst of the cold. This allows her to stay immersed for longer.

As for participating in class, try giving wrong answers. It will give your teacher something to work from, and model for the younger students that it’s OK to make a mistake without feeling foolish. The whole class will learn more.